Learn ICON Smart Contract development and earn crypto.

Our platform will teach you everything from the design to the deployment of Smart Contract and will allow you to win a 15$ $ICX reward upon completion of the training.

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Understand basic Blockchain concepts, decentralization philosophy, existing ecosystem and DApps concept.
Learn how to create SCORE (Smart Contract on ICON blockchain) from initialization to deployment in a smooth and interactive course.
Once you have completed the course, you'll be able to earn 15$ in $ICX (c.f our earn policy)

How will it work?

After the registration phase end, We will randomly select a small number of users to participate in the first phase of our campaign. New waves of users will be regularly admitted over time.

A reward of $15 in $ICX will be distributed via SCORE to selected members who complete our SCORE development course. Our course will cover all aspects from discovering the concept of decentralization to discovering the opportunities that are present for an ICON builder.

The first wave of selection has a limited number of participants, register now with the form below!

* Those rules are subject to change

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