How to get started as an ICON builder ?
Participate and grow with an ecosystem of infinite possibilities.
In the blockchain world of today, we are in the "early adoption" phase, there are tons of opportunities to build around different blockchain projects. This ecosystem is particularly suitable for builder profiles, but what exactly is a builder?
Blockchain Builder noun
[bläkˌCHān bildər]
A blockchain builder is an individual contributing to a blockchain ecosystem. His contributions, open-sourced or not, aim at improving, promoting or using the functionalities of this ecosystem. Contrary to preconceptions, a builder is not necessarily a developer. Everyone can potentially become one.
Any form
Builders can be of several kinds, independent open-source contributors, teams launching a utility token, freelancers, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), foundations, etc..
Adoption driven
To create mass adoption around blockchain projects, it is essential to raise awareness among marketers and designers to create coherent projects meeting every day life needs. These are the real stakes of today, many ICOs emerged in 2017 but most of the projects didn't have strong enough fundamentals to lead to a real adoption.

ICON, an ecosystem designed for builders.

Now that you know what is a builder, you're probably wondering how to get started and especially how to finance yourself in such a paradigm. ICON, the blockchain on which we build and on which our "Learn" courses are based, is a dream place for any type of builder.
ICON's goal is to "hyper-connect the world" by building one of the world's largest decentralized networks. The goal is to enable various Blockchains to interact with each other through smart-contracts. ICON wants to create a platform in which users from the financial, healthcare, insurance and many other sectors can co-exist and exchange value and data.
ICON is a DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) blockchain where the protocol directly rewards nodes and delegates with ICXs generated by the blockchain.
ICON aspires to become a "DPoC" (Delegated Proof of Contribution) which means that this ecosystem will reward peers who contribute to its growth.
These rewards are calculated and distributed through the IISS (ICON incentive Scoring System). In short, thanks to the IISS, builder teams can obtain funding to carry out their projects. This will create a virtual circle: builders are rewarded for contributing to an ecosystem that will benefit from their creations, thus gaining importance and so on. Here are a few examples:
The main role of a P-Rep is to decentralized network, maintain the secure, validate blocks and verify transactions. There is a total of 100 P-Rep that will be rewarded directly by the IISS, of which 22 P-Rep and 78 Sub P-Rep.
In addition, P-Reps are also responsible for voting within the governance system and participating in ecosystem efforts through community building and/or new product development.

ICON, an ecosystem designed for builders.

EEPs and DPBs are programs that are focusing exclusively on builders.DBPs stands for “DAPPs Booster Program”, this program will allow builders to apply for funding for their DApps (decentralized application) running on the ICON network. This funding will come directly from ICON inflation. Indeed, at each block, a small portion ofICX is created and kept in ICON's public treasury to finance PReps, EEPs and DBPs. The rewards are distributed with a voting system. All ICX holders can vote with their tokens and decide which projects they think are promising and beneficial to the ecosystem.
EEP stands for "Ecosystem Expansion Projects" and, on the other hand, focus on initiatives to promote the ecosystem in other ways, such as marketing services, educational platforms, or even in the field of education.
Any ICONist can propose an EEP or a DBP and thus be able to finance their project while contributing


As most of you already know, Sharpn is a passionate team of developers, designers and marketers who work in fulltime to developing and creating projects around the ICON Blockchain. If you have any development ideas that could potentially evolve the ICON ecosystem and the mass adoption of the Blockchain, Sharpn would be happy to discuss them with you and why not build your project in collaboration with you.
Sharpn has been working on ICON for several months now and we are confident that the ICON blockchain will become one of the most powerful and widely used blockchains in the world. We are fortunate to have a great community, so let's take advantage of it, any idea is welcome!